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This is a regular sized wing nut nestled inside the four pins to grab the wing nut
Opened you can see the four pins
This tool is easy to use, it is not that hard, this is just having fun
You can see it getting onto the wing nut
For regular sized the unit fits between the four pins
Here it is attached to the wing nut ready to be tightened or loosend
Gives you ease to tighten or loosen the wing nut
Some wing nuts are too big to use between the four pins
If the wing nut is bigger use the wider spacing of the four pins to grab them
Use the end closed to get the smaller wing nuts in the slot
For the small wing nuts keep it closed
Smaller wing nuts fits right inside
Smaller wing nuts go right inside the slot
Smaller wing nuts inside to be tightened or loosend
Version 1 of Wingtastic is also a shoe horn
Rockin Ronnie the inventor plays drums in socks and likes the idea the tool helps him put his shoes back on
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