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Ron from Wingtastic came to us for printing needs and when I asked him what Wingtastic was he gladly told me a tool to loosen and tighten wing nuts. The previous day I had used vice grips to tighten the 4 wing nuts on my CNC machine and asked if I could see this tool. When Ron came back in the store after getting it from his car we both went to the machine and I was amazed at how the tool loosened the wing nuts.

As you can see from the wing nuts using vice grips they are very worn out and with Wingtastic being made of nylon plastic it not only loosened the wing nuts but then re tightened to the same level as vice grips without damaging the actual wing nut.

This tool is incredible and I will only use it from now on for any wing nut I have to work with, great job and thank you Wingtastic!

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