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Editors Choice!

Each year, the editors of Music Inc. comb The NAMM Show, researching the most innovative products available for our Editors Choice Awards. This year, Wingtastic was one of the products selected as an Editors Pick from NAMM. The terrific universal tool for adjusting wing nuts on a drum kit was one of only 10 drum… Read more "Editors Choice!"

Frank Alkyer

Great drum tool!

After a gig many times I’d struggle to loosen my wing nuts. I’d end up having to hit them with my stick to loosen them. Wingtastic works beautifully. No more frustration. It’s easy to use, light and compact to pack.
Thanks Ron for saving my sore hands!

Gary Benson

Bloody Knuckle Syndrome

At one time or another we've all ended up bloodying a knuckle trying to get a wing nut unstuck [insert blithe political comment here]. Wingtastic can mitigate this malady.

Barry Wood


I was handed this tool at the Anaheim Namm show, The gentleman said you like you’ve been a hard-core player try this out. So I took it thanked him and used it that night. What a game changer this thing has saved me so much time and effort it’s amazing. As a touring drummer playing… Read more "Lifesaver"

Rocky Romano

Great in my shop!

I use the Wingtastic in my shop, its great for draining my air compressor and tightening the wingnuts on my circular saw. Awesome!


As strong as vice grips

Ron from Wingtastic came to us for printing needs and when I asked him what Wingtastic was he gladly told me a tool to loosen and tighten wing nuts. The previous day I had used vice grips to tighten the 4 wing nuts on my CNC machine and asked if I could see this tool.… Read more "As strong as vice grips"

Mathew Pitts

Its Wingtastic!

The Wingtastic is a universal tool that helps adjust wing nuts, making it easy to tighten or loosen. The Wingtastic is manufactured from a strong plastic nylon PA66, providing it with longevity. The four pins allow the Wingtastic to grip the wing nut utilizing the pins to surround the wing nut. The tool is 10… Read more "Its Wingtastic!"

Music Inc.

Great Product!

Wingtastic is a great product and every drummer should have one!!!

Paul Monteiro

Saved me!

Oh it has saved me a bunch already! Definitely staying in my stick bag and coming on the road with me! @marisa_testa_musician

Marisa Testa


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