Wingtastic, a universal leverage tool!

Wingtastic was originally invented by a drummer to not use his hands to loosen or tighten the many wingnuts on his drum set. The thought of using pliers, vice grips was not an option, the material would be altered and weakened. The thought of using his drumsticks was never considered as those sticks are a part of the drum set.

From the research done Wingtastic is manufactured from plastic (recyclable plastic), due to this material our tool will not damage the item you are loosening or tightening. The plastic used is so strong we have plumbers telling us Wingtastic is as strong as a pipe wrench.

Visiting hardware and plumbing stores we have created a tool that will help you work on, spigots, hooks, eye bolts, wingnuts, ball valves, shut off valves…...and much more.

Let us know what you discover Wingtastic can work with using our universal leverage tool?

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