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Wingtastic, a universal leverage tool!

Wingtastic was originally designed to relieve the pressure on our hands when tightening or loosening wingnuts. The metal used for pliers and vise grips can destroy the wingnut so we made Wingtastic from a super strong plastic, so its easy on the wingnuts, and on your hands.

Once we started using the product we found it can be used for so much more. We are in the process of creating new versions to fill all the needs for the handyman, building operators, and of course home owners. The original tool was designed for drummers, but it does so much more.
"We use it everywhere not just on our CNC machine wing nuts. The owner walked around the whole shop and tightened every part that Wingtastic fit on"

Mathew Pitts

Summit Signs
"As a touring drummer playing every week wingtastic tool has saved me so much time and effort on break down and set up my drum tech loves it this is a must-have tool in your arsenal it really works, thank you so much for such a great product."

Rocky Romano

Professional Drummer
"At one time or another we've all ended up bloodying a knuckle trying to get a wing nut unstuck [insert blithe political comment here]. Wingtastic can mitigate this malady."

Barry Wood

The Other Room

Customer Showcase

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