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Wingtastic is a revolutionary new tool to adjust
wingnuts. It was designed by a drummer who
was tired of wearing out his hands setting up his
drum kit. It has been patented as a universal
wingnut tool, simply for the fact that it allows
you to adjust any wingnut you have, making it
easier to tighten and loosen them.

The material is a plastic nylon product, which is
very strong and will give the tool longevity.
Currently the tool is available in 4 color choices -
black, green, blue and pink.

The first version of the Wingtastic tool will be
10” long and folding for ease of fitting in drum
bags, stick bags, cymbal bags and your pocket.
With the 10” length, it will give percussionists
the extra reach you need to secure all those

Its Wingtastic!

The Wingtastic is a universal tool that helps adjust wing nuts, making it easy to tighten or loosen. The Wingtastic is manufactured from a strong plastic nylon PA66, providing it with longevity. The four pins allow the Wingtastic to grip the wing nut utilizing the pins to surround the wing nut. The tool is 10 inches long and folds in half for ease of fitting in drum bags, stick bags and cymbal bags. The 10-inch length also gives players a chance to reach the wing nuts without leaving their throne. Five colors are currently available, including black, green, blue, yellow and pink.

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